leasing Our value proposition finds its roots in the fact that for any business, a sound IT platform with the latest technology is one of the most essential aspects of any business. Smart Technologies is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to build a leasing program specifically for your needs whilst offering management and support for your entire portfolio of corporate IT assets. The key advantage lies in our flexible approach which enables customers to reduce the risk of technological obsolescence, conserve capital, acquire more equipment, and transfer the risks of ownership. Our experience, coupled with sound resources position us to provides a wide variety of IT leasing solutions clients that range from small and mid-sized companies to large enterprises. We provide both capital and business automation solutions to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your equipment acquisition and life cycle management processes. “Today, companies want the best in IT and rightly so. But most of them want the best solutions without having to incur capital expenditure. This is where we come in.” Benefits of Leasing Leasing may be the least expensive way to get equipment, and the method that gives you most return. When choosing a lease, you not only enjoy the use of freed-up capital but at the same time, you are getting a one-stop shop service directly from a supplier who is an expert both in leasing and in the leased product. Through leasing, your choice of equipment is in line with the price and the specifications you outline. Whereas practically any other financing demands a substantial down payment, deposit or compensating bank balance, through leasing you can quickly acquire use of the equipment you want without major cash outlay. Leasing makes the purchase of equipment or acquisition of fixed assets possible even in situations when budgets may somehow be restricted. In leasing, there’s no guesswork in budgeting. Your costs are accurately projected and you know the financial commitment from the very start where depreciating figures or varying interest costs are out of the question.