renting The PC renting business was a natural evolution in the development of Smart Technologies’ business offering, a service born out of a market that has become increasingly flexible and as such, in need of more flexible IT solutions. At Smart Technologies we mainly focus on the renting of PC’s, laptops and netbooks both for the short term as well as for long term. "From our daily contact with clients we saw a potential for growth in the PC renting business and today, this is one of our main pillars of operation – PC renting underlines our commitment to offer flexibility.” Each IT package is worked distinctively around the client’s requirements and business objectives, a commitment that has been a core value since the company’s establishment, and a factor that has determined the company’s competitive edge. Companies may opt to rent laptops for the ease and flexibility they offer especially in business travel. Event hosting companies might wish to offer a supply of laptops for an upcoming conference or presentation whilst a customer might need to provide laptops for a temporary office or training class. These are a few examples when renting might be the best option. Renting also comes in handy if your business needs equipment for fairs, events or conventions, or for the setting up of a temporary location for training of staff. These are a few examples when our renting solution might be the best option. For such events Smart Technologies can also offer your company the service of setting up a temporary Wi-Fi connectivity for the site and can also provide personnel on site during the event at a nominal additional cost. During the term of rent, the equipment will be insured against accidental damage, and also covered for any hardware maintenance (repair or replace) so as to ensure that the customer has minimum downtime. Whatever your requirement, we have a renting solution to suit your needs.