solutions Smart Technologies Ltd. Fully equipped to venture even further Diversification is the breeding ground for new opportunities. A company’s success is also gauged by its ability to diversify. This is why at Smart Technologies Ltd., we explore new avenues where to apply our technical skills in adapting solutions specific to the market segments, such as education, hospitality, amongst others, applying products in different operations such as digital signage, and in the process acquire new skills where required. This not only showcases our abilities to adapt and service new industries but constantly establishes us as emerging leaders in these respective sectors. Smart Technologies Ltd. may not be the biggest giant in the field, but certainly one of the most significant ones. Although some other companies may be bigger in size, we tend to provide more, not only with regards to products and services but also client satisfaction. For a medium sized business, we are partners with almost all the major local and foreign suppliers and some of which at very high levels, to the extent that in some cases we’re exclusive agents. The company provides for one stop shop solutions for the client, keeping things simple for both parties. For the customer, it’s better to have 1 supplier for 10 items rather than 5 suppliers for 2 items each. Over the years we have established a reputation with clients that could arguably be unmatched and we'd like to think we go the extra mile to provide the right solution for the client’s needs. Integrity is the basis of all the services we provide. Nothing, except the best – The energy and drive within our organisation, combined with that of our partners, gives us the necessary confidence to assist you to achieve the best results possible.