education Smart Technologies Ltd.'s experience in the education sector was gained through a pilot project at a local college that then evolved into a fixed teaching standard for the school, where we have been at the forefront locally to deploy a 1-1 learning environment, with new classrooms being equipped with laptops on a year by year basis. This project is growing in numbers on a year by year basis thus contributing towards an evolution in the school’s teaching standards. The project which has been successfully running and monitored for the past three years was preceded by an in-depth research study to determine the implementation strategy, age of students, which classrooms and the impact of this development on the students, parents, teachers and the school. The success of this project is being determined by four main factors namely a defined and clear set of needs and goals which determine the right choice of device, teacher training and support, functionality of the device and the attractiveness of tools and technology and the sustaining of the infrastructure namely repairs, replacements and support costs. With these factors in place, the project experienced a high degree of collaboration, teamwork and group interaction which pushed students to want to learn more. Based on the success of this project, Smart Technologies Ltd. currently forms part of a new pilot project in collaboration with Microsoft and a number of other partners and run by the Maltese Government. This pilot project seeks to define the best strategy for the adoption of IT in state and and church schools.