As part of the solutions for the hospitality industry, Smart Technologies Limited is proud to offer you another flagship product specifically customised for the hospitality industry. The Oracle Hospitality Materials Control solution manages all property inventory, providing essential real-time information on the cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements.
Oracle Hospitality Materials Control allows you to radically improve your inventory management through automatic data imports from the point-of-sale system, comparisons with actual stock usage and immediate intervention in response to a discrepancy. You can log and monitor waste and spillage in multiple outlets, draw out patterns and monitor cash flow to minimize overstocking among other functions.
Oracle Hospitality Materials Control provides you with real-time data, including the cost of sales and revenue, stock on hand, ordering templates and par lists. It also streamlines month-end reconciliation and accounting processes – as well as daily processes of purchasing, price management and internal requisitions.
You don’t have to worry about today’s complex ordering processes, as the Purchase Manager Module enables the purchasing manager to review and approve a single purchase request or combine multiple requests from several food and beverage outlets into a single order.
Talk to one of our hospitality experts at Smart Technologies Limited to find out why Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is the preferred inventory management solution for hotels, not least because it can make your complex business a whole lot simpler.


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