When you think of the ways your customers, guests and visitors can get in touch, are you just providing a phone number and email address? If so, you could be unintentionally creating a barrier to customer engagement. So why not offer your clients more innovative and familiar ways to contact you?
At Smart Technologies Limited Malta, our IP telephony systems are the product of our partnership with top global technology brand 3CX. This partnerships has allowed us to offer easy to maintain and diverse solutions that allow for high quality voice, video, and data communication.
Our experts will guide you on how to best benefit from installing a state-of-the-art IP Telephony system provided by 3CX. Unlike with traditional phone systems, the cost to your business will be generally consistent and predictable as the charges that occur come from the internet service provider. The use of IP Telephony is also great for mobility, significantly improving agility by allowing your teams to communicate from anywhere. IP telephony systems also give businesses the opportunity to benefit from a unified communications functionality, with voice calls and video conferencing available all on one platform.  Finally, IP Telephony Services allows for greater scalability, as lines can be added quickly and easily. 

Talk to one of our experts in Malta to find out more about the benefits of having your customers contact you via Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS and other means of creating effective customer engagement, as well as for more information about how the communications solutions of our partner 3CX can be deployed to your advantage.


The introduction of video conferencing software in the working world has given flexibility to both employees and business owners alike. It has meant that face-to-face meetings could actually be conducted virtually, also thanks to web conferencing equipment such as cameras and microphones.
At Smart Technologies, we encourage and advise our clients to invest in best-in-class video conferencing technology solutions, in particular those we provide on behalf of our international partners 3CX, with their presentation, remote-assistance, document sharing, and chat and polling capabilities. We do this not only because of the considerable benefits accruing from a mobility, communications, team-connectivity and operational point of view, but also because of the significant financial benefits involved in terms of overhead expenditure.
Contact us today to know more about the app-free and no-hassle video-conferencing solutions we offer, powered by 3CX.

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