It is no longer a surprise that sound IT infrastructure is the future of any successful business. In fact, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics, over 70% of the surveyed 750 IT executives for the study titled “The IT Infrastructure Conversation”, believe that IT infrastructure enables competitive advantage and optimizes revenue and profits.

But what exactly is IT infrastructure? Consider your infrastructure as the core of your entire network. It is composed of the hardware, software, and non-personnel resources used to manage your business, such as computers, servers, software, data, network switches, and so much more.

Here at Smart Technologies Ltd. (STL), we offer a number of IT infrastructure services meant to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.


Even if you have the most elaborate and up-to-standard IT equipment at your site, the thing that ties everything together is a robust cabling system. By setting up a cabling system, your IT infrastructure will come to life.

Here at STL, we provide this IT infrastructure service. Of course, each business has its own needs for differently structured cable systems, which is where we come in. The solution is dependent on a number of key factors, such as:

  • The architectural structure of the building/s that will house the system;
  • The type of equipment that will be supported;
  • The function of the cabling system itself;
  • Your scale of operation;
  • Your budget;
  • And more.

Therefore, we design and install structure cabling systems that meet your exact requirements by taking into consideration all the factors, while still delivering high-quality work, every time. Through us, you can expect a system that is ultra-reliable and that can withstand high bandwidth networks. We also always provide proper certification and CAD documentation services.

Networking & Wi-Fi Services

Here at STL, we design and implement networks and Wi-Fi solutions for businesses. Not only are our systems efficient, reliable, and secure, but also dead simple for anyone to use.

Why should you trust us to provide you with this service? Over the past two years alone, we’ve set up 3 000 wireless access points, that are monitored and maintained through our managed services help desks. As you can imagine, this experience has allowed us to learn how to accommodate different clients in all fields.

Our network and Wi-Fi services are continually refined through collaborations with top name entities like Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, and HP/Aruba. This means that we craft high-quality products that we stand by 100%, and we’re sure that you will too.


Especially due to COVID-19, mobility solutions have become increasingly more important, to ensure that employees are interconnected, secure, and flexible. This IT infrastructure service means that business “on the go” becomes a reality, as it increases productivity, efficiency, and allows for more seamless contact with other entities.

We’re a Cisco Certified Provider, which means that we know our stuff and can deliver the goods. By working with top brands like Ruckus Wireless and Aruba Networks, we can provide the best of the best; however, this doesn’t limit our packages. If anything,  it puts us in a better position to offer custom solutions that suit your exact needs.  We can also implement Microsoft solutions, including Desktop virtualization, Single sign-on, Mobile Device + application management, and other such features.

As with any other facet of our operation, our engineers can take you through the steps of the implementation process, putting you in the best position to keep your mobility systems running smoothly.

IT Security

Here at STL, we make sure that your IT infrastructure is secure, as an unprotected system can lead to lost data, lost time, and ultimately, lost money.

We approach security holistically, by implementing security measures for all foreseeable threats. We make sure your email communications are secure, and protect you from malware, hacking, and so much more. We can offer all this bundled in one package.

We also teach you how to adopt an ethos of security at all levels across your IT infrastructure – after all, it’s so much more cost-effective to know how to handle, manage, and maintain your security systems yourself.

Servers, Storage, Virtualization

Here at STL, we also offer a trifecta of IT infrastructure services that complete each other: servers, storage, and virtualization.

Firstly, you need servers to provide any kind of services across a network. STL is HP and Microsoft-certified to provide tailor-made server solutions. Furthermore, we can even provide server management, so all the excess backend stuff is left to us as you carry on with your day-to-day operation.

Secondly, you need storage to store all your accumulating data securely. Whether you’re looking for hardware or a virtualized space to store your data, we can handle the design and implementation of your new storage solution so that all you need to worry about is organizing and managing your data. We can even offer redundancy of your current storage infrastructure without the risk of losing your current data.

Thirdly, virtualization is key to having a super-efficient work environment. By virtualizing your IT infrastructure, you can utilize resources more efficiently, be more flexible, gain more scalability, and save money.  We’ve teamed up with our partners, VMware®, Hyper-V, and Veeam, to bring you virtualization possibilities that guarantee flexibility, ease-of-use, as well as tip-top security.

IP Telephony & PABX Systems

Last but not least, our IP telephony and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) systems are crucial to ensure seamless, multimodal transactions. Such services allow for smooth transmission of voice, data, and video. Not only is this more cost-effective due to smoother data convergence across both local and long-distance transactions, but you can also expect employees to have better access to internal and external networks, which will enhance communication at all levels.

STL’s IP telephony and PABX systems are the product of partnerships with multiple entities, including 3CX, Cisco, and Yealink.

Ultimately, opting for our IT infrastructure services will ensure that your company is successful and efficient in its operations. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.